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Title: Much Ado About Nothing


Rating/Synopsis: 4/5 I am not going to summarize this movie, because most of you either read the play in school or know the premise. It follows the traditional archetype of they hate each other, but then they fall in love. Downsides: If you are like me and were never fortunate enough to read the play or see previous versions, the dialogue is a little confusing and fast-moving in parts. That being said, it’s nothing that context clues or a quick skim of the SparkNotes version won’t fix. Also, if you have never seen a contemporary black and white film, it might throw you for a loop. Don’t be at all dissuaded though, the camera quality, cinematography, and lighting MORE than make up for it! I loved the film, in every way, but the one criticism that keeps it from 5 stars is the fact that I know it is a bit inaccessible. I left the theater knowing that had I gone to see it with my grandma, or certain friends I would have had to spend 30 minutes afterwards breaking it down. As I said, there are timeless themes in the movie that everyone can understand and connect to, but the old-English vocabulary isn’t exactly smooth sailing. ¬†Upsides: I would say the writing, but Shakespeare gets the credit for that one…the writing is obviously amazing. As I mentioned before, the cinematography and lighting are my favorite things about this film. I was told that it was filmed in a few days at the director’s home and as you will learn over this month, nothing sells a film for me more than low budget production that is able to create a great picture! That being said, if you are looking for a mindless, fun movie this isn’t for you. It definitely falls on the artsy, heady, independent spectrum! If you are at all into the technique of film making, this is a great film to see!

Year: 2013

Country/Language: U.S.-English

Stars: Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker

Where to Watch: Amazon VOD

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