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Title: The Deep Blue Sea


Rating/Synopsis: 3/5 So, admittedly, this is weird, but I was not a Tom Hiddleston fan until a month ago. I have never been a comic-book/fiction/sci-fi fan (other than LotR and Harry Potter). I did see The Avengers last year on a date and really did enjoy it, but I didn’t watch any of his other films and didn’t read up on the whole Thor/Loki thing and have never read or seen any other Marvel comics/productions (*gasp*). Well, a few weeks ago a video from Germany went viral and I saw Mr. Hiddleston singing karaoke and juggling in a car and I started fangirling immediately. I went to Netflix to see what I could find and this popped up. Downsides: The story-line is slow moving and confusing in some parts, the color pallette is dark (it’s a detriment in many scenes), and the female protagonist is the definition of melodramatic . ¬†With that in mind, I had a bigger problem with the writers that created her character than the film. Upsides: You get to see Tom Hiddleston in retro-fashion act his heart out! Tom Hiddleston makes this film, in every way. Without him it would be mediocre at best, but his character and acting make the film well worth a watch. This isn’t a must-see, but a good emotional drama if you are a Hiddleston fan!

Year: 2011

Stars: Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston

Country/Language: U.K.-English

Where to watch: Netflix

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