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Title: For Lovers Only


Review/Synopsis: 6/5…yes, you read that right! So, as you guys can see I’m a sucker for romance movies, but this film, while VERY romantic, brings something else to the table…reality! Unlike the rest of the films I have reviewed, I have nothing to list under “downsides” for this one. The only flaw I’ve found after several viewings is the fact that the audio is a little spotty in a couple of spots. Now, for the positives: everything. Guess what?! This movie was filmed in 12 days with a DSLR camera! If that doesn’t inspire you to go out and make movies, I don’t know what will. This is literally like a realistic snapshot of a missed opportunity at love, set in a traveler’s fantasy. Especially great things about this film include the lighting (it is another black and white film, but you almost forget its not in color during many of the scenes), the soundtrack, and the WRITING. Mark Polish, the male protagonist, and his brother wrote and produced this film. Stana Katic is freaking GORGEOUS as well. I was apprehensive at first that the onscreen chemistry wouldn’t be there, but it was over powering. The dialogue in this film is amazing, and it’s definitely an instant classic romance film! I guess it would technically be described as a “chick-flick”, but the creativity, writing, and Mark Polish’s passion in this film kind of break the mold of typical girly romance. This movie meets all my criterion for a great film: low production budget, romance, great writing, great music, set in Europe, beautiful people, and a realistic story!

Year: 2011

Stars: Stana Katic, Mark Polish

Country/Language: U.S.-English

Where to watch: Amazon VOD