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Title: The Intouchables


Rating/Synopsis: 3.8/5 A physically disabled rich man hires a poor immigrant as his care taker and this movie follows their relationship. The 1.2 star deduction is only because I didn’t always like the emphasis of the film. The beginning of the film follows the immigrant’s life before he is hired, but that story line is never completed. I ALWAYS like stories based on true events and being able to see the two men that this story was based on, at the end of the film, was really great. This was a big budget film, so the locations and production are really cool. In the end, it’s good, but not excellent because there is no real resolutioin. It’s as though you are watching a few months of a rich guys life in France, but never get any further. There are good lessons and solid moral ideas to be garnered from the film and it’s a nice story. This will reveal something about my taste, but it is included on IMDb’s list of top 250 film of all time…yet, I’m still giving it a 3.8.

Year: 2011

Stars: Francois Cluzet, Omar Sy

Country/Language: France-French w/English subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix