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Title: Shun Li and the Poet


Rating/Synopsis: 4/5 This is the story of an illegal Chinese immigrant in Italy and the hardships she faces from the chinese coyotes that brought her to Italy, as well as the Italians she is surrounded by. There are undertones of love in this film, between the two protagonists, but the main theme is the friendship between two immigrants in Italy-one young and one old. They come form different countries, are the opposite sex, and aren’t the same age, but they have one thing in common: poetry. Naturally, the best thing about this film is the scenery and location. The film takes place in Chioggia, in the Veneto, so the ocean and fishing play a large part in the story line. This film is beautiful and tragic, but ends on a hopeful note. This is an excellent story of the love and generosity that come with friendship and the hardships of immigrant life in today’s world. An “artsy” movie done right!

Year: 2011

Country/Language: Italy-Italian with English Subtitles

Stars: Tao Zhao and Rade Serbedzija

Where to watch: Netflix