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Title: In A Day


Rating/Synopsis: 3/5 The premise of this film is so bizarre that it was a detriment. I can’t really give a summary because the entire film is based on the mystery identity of a person that is revealed at the end. The overall message of the film is a positive one: bullying people affects them their entire lives. This is definitely a chick flick, but it doesn’t follow the upbeat model of American chick flicks. Rather, it begins with a grotesque situation: the female protagonists has a hot beverage thrown on her by a man because she won’t agree to have sex with him. After being the victim of harassment, the lady then meets the male protagonist and the “meet-cute” portion of the film continues until the last few scenes. The entire film is quite depressing and there are several horrible situations that arise. The production and quality of the film isn’t great and the story is a bit far-fetched for my liking, but it’s a cute, relatable story nonetheless.

Year: 2006

Country/Language: England-English

Stars: Lorraine Pilkington, Finlay Robertson

Where to watch: Netflix