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Title: Tricks of Love/Tricks of a Woman


Rating/Synopsis: 0/5 Before watching this movie, my “Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen” slot was held by Never Back Down (for no other reason than I was an angry teenager when I saw it and jumped on the hater bandwagon)-that movie is a cinematic masterpiece compared to this one. If the Kangol and horribly photoshopped picture above doesn’t properly convey my message, just hop on over to Amazon and check this one out for a few minutes. It is a travesty. Corny, unoriginal plot: good looking guy makes a bet he can turn an ugly girl into a hot girl, bad acting and writing (I will always blame the writing because even the most talented actors need something to work with), no chemistry, and a predictable ending. If I’m not mistaken, it was so bad that the exact film was rereleased with the second title and still failed…

Year: 2008

Country/Language: U.S.-English

Stars: Scott Elrod and Elik Portnoy

Where to Watch: Amazon