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Title: The Vicious Kind


Rating/Synopsis: 4/5 Intense, depressing, provocative, dramatic, and sad. Adam Scott gives the performance of his career. I had never seen him outside of his weekly gig on Parks and Rec and the film Friends with Kids, but this film makes me wish he accepted more dramatic and serious roles! I am not a huge fan of Brittany Snow, but she did a really good job as well. Just a warning, this film has several sexually graphic scenes, so if that bothers you then don’t watch it. This is yet another example of my love for independent films. I must have something for vulnerable male characters, because this film is a shining example of the fact that men are also affected by breakups. Most American movies paint the female character as the sad, vulnerable, crazy character and the man as the sexual, uncommitted character, but this film turns that binary on its head. This is a very emotionally dark film, but a great showcase of talent and an interesting exploration of an uncommon romantic situation.

Year: 2009

Stars: Adam Scott, Brittany Snow

Country/Language: U.S.-English

Where to Watch: Netflix