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Title: In the Land of Blood and Honey


Rating/Synopsis: 3/5 I wanted to like this movie SO bad…but there is much too much romanticizing of rape and abuse for me to completely fall in love with the film. I do like that Angelina Jolie (the director) took on a topic that isn’t written about very much. Downsides: Unrealistic plot that romanticizes abuse and rape. Upsides: Great chemistry between the protagonists and really great acting by both. The acting is the most redeeming quality of this film! While the plot does romanticize rape, I fully understand where the writer and director were going with the idea. There is a lot of heavy material, including racial and religious dichotomies, that should have been discussed and developed outside of the romantic connection. I liked the production and the premise of the film and I liked the fact that it introduced the audience to lesser known cultures and languages, but there were some glaring shortfalls. If you like history, political science, or international relations, this will be an interesting film and will definitely inspire further research into the current state of politics in Bosnia and Serbia.

Year: 2011

Stars: Zana Marjanovic, Goran Kostic

Language/Country: Bosnia Herzegovima-Bosnian/Serbian

Where to watch: Netflix