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Title: The Angels’ Share


Summary/Review: 7/10 With the recent news of the upcoming referendum in Scotland, I’ve been intrigued to learn more about it’s people and society, so last night when this popped up as a recommendation from Netflix I was excited to check it out. Yet another pleasant surprise. I had never seen a Scottish film before and was a little taken aback when the subtitles came on. I was confident I wouldn’t need them as I am usually good at decoding accents, but boy was I wrong. The subtitles were definitely necessary, but added character to the film and helped me enjoy the comedic side of the story much easier. This movie follows a group of ne’er-do-wells in Glasgow that are ordered to perform community service, but instead mastermind a heist of a valuable cask of whiskey. This movie is funny and there are a multitude of characters that each lend to the story in a unique way. The audio is good, the writing and production were good, and the soundtrack was a lot of fun. The story is well rounded, with a healthy dose of comedy, tragedy, love, and suspense. People often ask why I watch so many foreign films and one of the main reasons is the originality of the stories. Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, while there are certain archetypes that draw me in no matter what, I really do enjoy a unique, new, and fresh story line. Of course, every story has elements that have been repeated in other stories, but this film is an example of a modern film that was able to be original without enlisting bizarre or disturbing plot points. It was refreshing, interesting, and heartwarming-a great film for the holidays.  As an introduction to Scottish cinema, this film definitely intrigued me and I hope Netflix decides to stream new Scottish movies more often.

Year: 2012

Stars: Paul Brannigan, Roger Allam, Siobhan Reilly

Country/Language: Scotland-Scottish English w/subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix