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Title: Newlyweds Newlyweds Review/Synopsis: 7/10 Freakin’ loved this movie! The deduction in rating is only because I know this won’t tickle everyone’s fancy. The camera work is shaky and it is a low-budget independent film-all reasons I loved it, but also reasons I know some people won’t. Now, I loved everything about this film. It’s relatable, realistic, funny, and again meets all my criterion for awesome films. It was shot in NYC over a couple of weeks on a budged of $9,000! This was the first Edward Burns movie I ever saw. Before watching this film, I only knew him from 27 Dresses and The Holiday and had no clue he directed, wrote, and produced his own films. After seeing this movie, he has truly become one of my idols. Anyway…back to the film. This movie follows a newlywed couple and the conflicts they face with exes and in-laws. One thing you’ll learn if you watch more than one Edward Burns film is that he recycles actors, which makes his movies even more amazing in my opinon. The story lines are always different, but the same actors are featured in his films. Edward Burns looks exceptionally handsome in this movie and he did a great job with his character as well. I love the cinematography in this film. The change in focus and the angle of the shots is very creative. Great acting, comedic parts, sad parts, romantic parts…a great solidly developed plot and a unique story. If you have never seen an Edward Burns film, start with this one and then check out The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (also on Netflix)! Year: 2011 Stars: Edward Burns Country/Language: U.S.-English Where to watch: Netflix