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Title: Stuck Between Stations


Review/Synopsis: 9/10 While I feel like many people won’t like this film, similar to my last review, I am throwing caution to the wind and giving it the rating it deserves. This was one of the first independent films I saw this year and it inspired me to look into and begin watching more indie films, thank goodness!  I became bored with big budget movies long ago, because I am really good at picking out patterns and I find most new movies follow a very predictable plot path. Within a few minutes of starting this movie I was immediately intrigued because it features two things that are big in my life: graduate school and the military. I admit I am biased to the subject matter, but the film was great despite that. Josh Hartneet plays a really bizarre character and I really wasn’t expecting him to be part of this movie, but the darkness and intensity he adds to the film really do improve it! It takes place in Minnesota which is unique in and of itself. It’s a touching story, but the ending was inconclusive and that’s why I didn’t give it 10/10. I think I have an obsession with movies that are filmed in dark color palettes because the color palette in this film is great and lends a lot to the movie. The two protagonists acted their parts masterfully, the sound mixing, cinematography, production, plot, writing, and everything were solid as well. I feel like I am being redundant and overly positive in my reviews, but this film was really good. In the end I know some people won’t like this film, but I really could relate to it on a real level so it is definitely one of my favorite films I saw this year. Unfortunately, I don’t remember seeing the two protagonists in any other films, so I will definitely have to keep a lookout for them next year. I felt like this movie really was a snapshot of my generation and demographic and I haven’t seen many films that accurately portray the difficulties/challenges faced by young adults today. I’d say this is a must see if you are in your early twenties or if you like unique stories.

Year: 2011

Stars: Sam Rosen, Zoe Jones, Josh Hartnett

Country/Language: U.S.-English

Where to watch: Netflix