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Title: Puzzled Love


Review/Synopsis: 7/10 This is DEFINITELY  a movie everyone in their early 20s needs to watch. Yet again the acting is the shining part of this film, but it’s also EXTREMELY unique. This film was made by a series of directors at a film school in Spain and there are several parts linked together into a cohesive story. One standout thing about this film is the sound editing and mixing. The audio is awesome and each segment is unique in this perspective, along with the cinematography and editing for each segment. It is structured chronologically and the film starts at the two protagonists’ separation point and then rewinds a year and traces their relationship to this last moment. It’s extraordinarily romantic and the chemistry between the two was great. Marcel Borras emotion in this film is breathtaking and there are several scenes where his emotions really carry the film. There is significant sexual content and one scene where drug use occurs, so if that bothers you in some way you might want to skip it. I would say that this film is a sort of Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona meets Like Crazy, for a younger generation. Not only is the production of this film unique, but the story is also unique. The female protagonist, Sun, is beautiful although sometimes spoiled and unlikable, but the two really do mesh well together in the end. The score deduction is because I highly doubt anyone over the age of thirty would get anything out of this film, also, while the uniqueness and individuality of each segment of the film grew on me after the second viewing, before I knew the details of the production and went in blind, the inconsistency of the film really bugged me the first time I watched it. One of the initial scenes has a talk-show style audio overlaid on it and it was really bizarre, before I knew film students made the movie and it was meant to be unique stylistically from scene to scene. Over all a great movie, and yet another movie for the aspiring film maker or viewer interested in production of film!

Year: 2010

Stars: Marcel Borras, Saras Gil

Country/Language: Spain-Spanish w/English subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix