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Title: Marley


Review/Synopsis: 8/10 After We Were Here, this was my second favorite documentary I saw in 2013! I thought I knew a good deal about Bob and his music before seeing this film, but I was wrong. I have been a fan since I was in 3rd grade and fell even more in love with his music and messages during college. This documentary uses interviews with his family and colleagues as well as archival footage to explain the story of Bob’s childhood, his start in the music industry, his personal life, and his death. I was a little disappointed that more of his children weren’t featured in the film, specifically Damian, especially since his mom Cindy had an extensive role in the documentary. Bob’s relationship with Cindy was completely unknown to me and really did catch me by surprise. Her stories about his death were truly heartbreaking. The most fascinating parts of this documentary were the parts about his relationship with his father’s family (his sister was featured in this documentary and provided a unique perspective of Bob and his early life) and his attempts at treatment after he was diagnosed with cancer. This documentary was extremely emotional and inspirational. I love learning about other cultures and religions and the music was obviously amazing. Even if you aren’t a fan of Bob Marley (I don’t know why you wouldn’t be) this documentary is very good and definitely worth watching.

Year: 2012

Stars: The Marley family and former musicians that worked with Bob

Country/Language: Jamaica/U.S. English/Jamaican English w/subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix