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Title: The Ambassador


Review/Synopsis: 7/10 Let me start by saying, the topic of this documentary is great and I wish more people would document the political corruption in Africa, as well as the role of colonization in modern Africa. The star of this documentary had a brilliant idea and risked his life to make a great documentary, which I admire more than anything in this world. He succeeded in educating viewers and showing firsthand how big the problems are in Africa today and  how deep the diamond trade influences every part of life. I only have one issue, but it’s a big one…he actively participated in the trade of blood diamonds and actively lied to innocent civilians that were not affiliated with corrupt politicians in anyway, but were rather just normal people looking for work. I understand why and it made an AMAZING documentary, but in his pursuit of truth and corruption he participates in some extremely questionable things. Now, I am not part of the production team so I do not know what happened after filming wrapped, nor do I know any other information about his actions during filming, other than what I saw, but I was left with some feeling that he participated in morally questionable things to achieve his goal. That being said, while it did not take away from my admiration for the star or the film, I do realize that some viewers that are committed to social justice or are overly sensitive will definitely be offended. I am only taking points away from my score because I would have liked more history and background information about colonization and the diamond trade, in order to better understand the current economic and political environment on the continent that Mads was encountering. This is a great documentary and I encourage everyone interested in international politics or economic relations to watch it!

Year: 2011

Stars: Mads Brugger

Country/Language: Denmark-Danish/English/French w/subtitles

Where to watch: