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Title: Populaire


Review/Synopsis: 8/10 A young girl from a small town in France goes on an interview to be a secretary in a larger neighboring city and she gets the job. She moves into an all girls boarding house and her new boss begins to enter her in regional, national, and international typing competitions, all the while, they begin to fall in love. It’s a cliche romantic comedy that takes place in late 1950s France, but it’s cute and well produced none the less. Production is impeccable and Romain Duris is a hottie (if you like him, I suggest watching The Big Picture or The Heartbreaker next)! Once you’ve seen a few French movies, this is definitely worth a watch!

Year: 2012

Stars: Romain Duris, Deborah Francois

Country/Language: France-French w/subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix