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Title: One Love/Un Amor


Rating/Synopsis: 8/10 So, originally I was going to review another French movie with Romain Duris today, but I just switched to this film. Netflix has been suggesting this film to me for a few weeks, but I was weary and the description didn’t entice me…I was so wrong and I regret not watching this movie earlier. This struck a cord with me and I think most people can relate: it’s about a girl’s first love and her reunion with him years later. There is a third wheel guy, but you need to watch to learn about the whole plot. I love movies that have a definitive ending where you don’t have to guess what happens-good or bad-and this movie has one! The cinematography and color palette was beautiful. I’ve never seen an Argentine film, but I was pleasantly surprised. This movie is a touching film that everyone can relate to. One thing I love about films from other countries is that they cast stars that don’t adhere to normal Western standards of beauty or “handsomeness”. I feel like *most American films cast people that look like models, even child actors, but films from other countries cast realistic looking people and they are beautiful because of their talent…that was the case for this film. The young actors weren’t typically good looking, but I found them so endearing and attractive because of their portrayal of the chracters. This movie is so good and it definitely made me cry. It’s very romantic and also based on a book, so check it out!

Year: 2011

Stars:  Diego Peretti, Luis Ziembrowski, Elena Roger

Country/Language: Argentina-Spanish w/English subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix