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Title: The Sicilian Girl


Review/Synopsis: 10/10 In the middle of the month I started to feel guilty for only reviewing films that I had awarded a high ranking, but all of these movies have been movies that I loved watching this year (with the exception of the couple I gave low rankings). I am fascinated by organized crime and am very intrigued by modern organized crime in Europe. While there are tons of movies that are about the mafia, this one is unique. I will confess I find the mafia romantic and I do understand its existence within the structures of the modern world-politically, legally, economically, morally-in America and in Europe, but despite my fascination, this film did a great job of debunking the romantic ideas. This movie is tense, sad, and tragic. A great drama that shows the true dangers faced by prosecutors and witnesses that challenge the mafia in Italy today and the reality of the romanticism and justification many people often use to help accept the brutality of organized crime. This isn’t a family film nor a happy film, but definitely worth watching.

Year: 2008

Stars: Veronica D’Agostino

Country/Language: Italy-Italian w/subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix