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Title: A Beautiful Life


Review/Synopsis: 7/10 A rich girl falls in love with a poor cop who begins to suffer from memory loss. It’s a typical Asian drama story, but I LOVE it! I am addicted to Korean dramas (soap operas) and this plot is very typical in those shows, so I loved this movie. It’s really sad and tragic, but also very romantic. I’ve seen several older Chinese movies when I took a Chinese film class my junior year of college, but this is by far my favorite one I’ve seen. The leading lady, Qi Shu, is gorgeous and I loved the shots in this film (the scene in the above picture is one of my favorites). I can’t really summarize the film without ruining the story, but if you are looking for a dark, romantic film to watch, then you’ve found it. It’s interesting, beautiful, and especially tragic.

Year: 2011

Stars: Ye Liu, Qi Shu

Country/Language: China-Mandarin w/English subtitles

Where to watch: Netflix