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Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for reading along so far and I hope in the coming year more of you will join me! Now, this will be short and sweet, but I am curious about everyone’s resolutions! I always make resolutions, but never keep them…I am almost always successful with my Lenten fasts and resolutions, but New Years resolutions never stick. I always want to lose weight/get in shape and I always want to travel and try new things, but it never seems to happen. Maybe it’s because no one is there to enforce them or maybe I’m just lazy, who knows! This year I will list my top resolutions for 2014 and I will keep you guys updated on my successes/failures throughout the year! You can help hold me accountable and shame me when I ultimately fail, haha! Good luck with your resolutions if you have any, and have a happy and prosperous 2014 everyone!

1. Lose 20 pounds and/or workout more than once a week

2. Become fluent in Italian, maintain my Spanish, and begin learning French (I’m kind of cheating for this one because I’m already enrolled in classes for French and Italian)

3. Return to Italy for at least 2 weeks

4. Go to mass at least once a month (I’m going to shoot for 3 times a month, but I have to be realistic…)

5. Make at least 6 new friends

6. Go to SxSW or  any other music or film festival

7. Get my blog/vlog rolling

8. Read at least 6 books cover to cover

9. Go on a trip with a friend

10. Pay off at least half of my student debt

11. Volunteer at least once, but try to volunteer at least 6 times

12. Stop gossiping, cursing, and other bad habits

13. Learn a new recipe a week

14. Learn to drive stick shift

Do you try New Years resolutions? Do you have advice for others on how to succeed? What is the longest running resolution you have?