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Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! As you may have noticed I didn’t make a post yesterday. Classes resume on Monday, so I will be altering my post schedule. I will be posting once a week, on Sunday evenings! I thought I’d make a short post today and I’ll post my weekly recipe on Sunday! I’ll keep making short posts about my weight loss progress and keep you guys up to date regarding the weight loss challenge!

This semester I am taking French 1, Italian 2 and a seminar about the Reformation in England! I really love school (obviously) and languages are my passion, so I can’t wait to start learning a new one.

As you guys know already, I went to high school in Bixby, Oklahoma, but in 2006 I began attending Tulsa Community College. I went to community college for 3 years (one year concurrently enrolled during high school and two years afterward), then went to the University of Tulsa for one year, and finally came to Dallas! I am currently working on my PhD in European History and I plan to concentrate on modern Italian political history!

Did you have a favorite subject when you were in school? If you are a student, what classes are you taking this semester?