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So far, not so good.

While my activity levels have increased since school has started back, I had visitors in town so my alcohol consumption increased over the last part of the month and I also haven’t adjusted my sleep schedule to accommodate being back in school.

The first week and a half after New Years I worked out every night for 30-45 minutes (light free weights, resistance bands, stretching, squats, leg lifts, and different styles of crunches), and I did very well at staying on track, until I had house guests.

For me, the hardest part of dieting and exercising is always the first three weeks because I often see negative results, which causes me to rapidly lose my motivation. Even if I work out everyday, I often gain 5 or so pounds the first few weeks I begin working out, and that has occurred this time as well (as those that follow me on Fitbit have seen). Another excuse I often find to keep me from working out, is the weather. As I said earlier, the spring and summer are my most “fit” times of the year, because I am more willing to go outside to workout. That being said, I should have access to a Bowflex machine by the end of the month, so hopefully that will remove the obstacle of bad weather.

Despite this initial weight gain, I do feel like I am healthier than I was before the New Year began. Excluding the period of time my guests were here, I have reduced my alcohol consumption and increased my consumption of fiber.

I also have a slight confession: I am always more motivated to lose weight when I have a crush on someone or if I am busy socially and I have neither at this time, haha! As I said, eating is an emotional comfort for me, so when I have a partner (romantic or platonic) to help expend some of my emotional energy, then I don’t eat as much and I don’t want to eat as much, and I am also more happy and upbeat which helps me lose weight quickly and  more easily.

My friend also recommended a cleanse that I plan on trying as soon as I have time to take a trip to my local organic grocer.

How is everyone else’s weight loss going so far? Have you guys had any specific challenges? Do you have any suggestions for me about how I might cut my calorie intake or increase my activity level?

I hope everyone is enjoying getting healthier and I hope I have more encouraging news about my progress in a couple of weeks! 🙂