*today is obviously a cheat day LOL!

I am going to eat wings and watch a movie with a colleague tonight! I’ve rarely had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day. It used to make me really upset in high school and I would get so mad, but in 2010 I made up my mind that it was stupid and I shouldn’t be sad about not having a Valentine. That year I was living on my own for the first time and my parents were in another state, so I went to the grocery store, Target, and the liquor store and bought some good wine, food to prepare, flowers and candles, and a few DVDs. I did everything for myself that I would have wanted a boyfriend to do: I had wine, I cooked myself a nice meal, I had an awesome desert, and I watched a romantic movie. Every year since then, if I don’t have a Valentine, I always go ahead and do whatever I would do if I was in a relationship. I’m not, nor have I ever been, into stuffed animals and roses and all of the traditional gifts, but I always do something fun for myself.

Do you have any traditions for Valentine’s Day? Do you hate the holiday? What are you guys doing tonight?