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I hope you all have a fabulous Lenten season!

Enjoy some good food and music tonight! Here is a LIVE videocast from Carnaval in Brazil!

I’m giving up meat! I did it in 2011 and it went fine, but I’m a little nervous this time. My biggest challenge is remembering my fast when I’m with friends and have to order food at a restaurant! Fridays will be hard because I always go to Buffalo Wild Wings with friends to play trivia, but I will just get Mozzarella Sticks or Fried Pickles or something instead of wings! I have a steak to eat tonight for dinner and then it’s meat free! I will eat fish so you could technically say I’m going to be a Pescatarian for 40 days!

I made a reminder and affixed it to my ‘fridge so that I don’t forget when I’m cooking!

Last year was my first Lenten season as a Catholic (I was confirmed on Easter in 2012) and I didn’t know all of the rules about abstaining from certain things and fasting, so I hope to be able to follow  the rules more closely this year! I know I have to fast tomorrow and on Good Friday and then the no meat rule on Fridays (which won’t be difficult since I’m giving up meat completely). This should also help with my weight loss goals and once it’s over I will only have 3 weeks until I leave for Italy! 🙂

Are you giving up anything for Lent? If you aren’t religious, do you ever fast for health reasons or just as a challenge to yourself?