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I was recently nominated for a “New Blog” award by Dambreaker! I definitely have to thank him and you should go follow him as soon as possible! I started blogging several years ago on Tumblr, but then I tried Blogspot and didn’t really like the options it provided. I returned to Tumblr and then stumbled upon WordPress and really liked the available templates and the community seemed much more engaged than other sites. I definitely made the right choice! I’ve learned so much from so many of you already and can’t wait to share the next part of my life with you all. I’ve only had this blog a few months, but I have really enjoyed it! I started with a Movie-a-day series and will be starting my next series on 11 May called, 40 Days in Italia! You guys are amazing and I appreciate all of you for leaving feedback on my posts. With that being said, I want to accept this award and ask that if you have any suggestions for me, you feel free to leave them in the comments. I love improving myself and would love for you all to help me become a better blogger in the coming months. Feel free to leave me any advice you have!   Thank you again and have a great week everyone!