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Howdy everyone! I haven’t been writing much because I am in the home-stretch of the semester and have tons of writing, grading, homework, and other stuff going on!

I depart for Italy in 7 days! I started packing last night and will write a packing blog in the coming
week with pictures, tips, outfits, and other info for any of you guys that are interested in solo/backpack travel!

I chose between three bags and ended up with an Osprey Sojourn convertible pack!

Osprey Sojourn 28″

I chose this pack because of its large capacity (80L) and versatility. I wanted a wheeled pack for airports and train stations, but a bag that I could also carry on my back while walking from train stations to hotels, since I will be traveling alone.

I plan to take 10 tops, two dresses, and 4 pairs of pants/shorts, 2 pairs of shoes, and a swim suit for my 40 day journey. This will be about 42 different outfits, with 16 pieces of clothing!

I will post my a schedule of destinations and links to my Instagram, Twitter, and 4Square accounts next Saturday so that you guys can follow my journey!

There will be 7 locations in 40 days, with the longest stays being in Florence, Venice, Naples, and Rome!

Keep a lookout this week and I look forward to the coming 40 days of blogs! 🙂