Let’s Go to Italy, Folks!

Italia in 40

Are you guys ready for 40 days in Italy?! Let’s get started!

First things first, here are links to all of the social networks you can follow me on! I will be reviewing the different places I stay, taking pictures, making videos, and writing blogs about my travels:

Pinterest, TwitterFourSquareSpotifyInstagramGoogle+YouTubeFacebook, and Fitbit!

If you want to ask me any questions on any of these networks just use the tag #italiain40 🙂

So, what am I going to wear?

I am taking…

6 pairs of pants for daily wear (TJMaxx, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, LOFT):

2 dresses (TJMaxx):

2 pairs of yoga pants to wear as pajamas and workout gear (Old Navy):

4 pairs of shoes

  1. One nice pair for evening outings (Ferragamo):
  2. One for walking around everyday (Clarks):
  3. A pair of tennis shoes for travel days and hiking (Keds):
  4. A pair of flip flops for the beach and showers (Old Navy):

1 pair of sunglasses (Woot), 5 scarves (Old Navy, Nordstrom RackLOFT, Zulily), two pairs of earrings (Nordstrom Rack), one bracelet, and two rings (Swarovski):

2 cardigans and a pullover (Old Navy and TJMaxx):

1 bathing suit (Zulily):

11 shirts (TJMaxxOld NavyNordstrom RackLOFT, Ann Taylor, Burberry):

As I stated in the previous post, I will be using the 80 Liter Osprey Sojourn pack, as well as a black purse and wrist-let (TJMaxx) as a carry-on!

*Edit: the Sojourner+clothes+toiletries+makeup+electronics came out to exactly 40 lbs/18 kg…well under the 50 pound limit on international flights!

Now, for my destinations:

12 May to 19 May I will be in Florence

19 May to 22 May I will be in Udine

22 May to 25 May I will be in Bassano del Grappa

25 May to 2 June I will be in Venice

2 June to 10 June I will be in Naples

10 June to 13 June I will be in Assisi

13 June to 20 June I will be in Rome

For my flight and accommodations I used Student Universe and Booking.com!

I arrive in Rome on  the morning of 12 May and will be immediately taking the train to Florence. Hopefully I will get a little site seeing in after I get settle into my hotel, but I plan to post a blog around 3 to 4 in the afternoon EST, everyday!

Talk to you guys soon!