Italia in 40: Day 12…Bridges, Blues, and Bruschetta

Today I woke up and walked down the street to the covered bridge. It was amazing.

It traverses the Brenta river which is gorgeous. I walked across the bridge and down the street to see a palazzo and then a church, which were both cool. I was the only person in the church and it got really scary.

IMG_3328IMG_3380 IMG_3382 IMG_3362 IMG_3358IMG_3375

I saw these beautiful flowers and found out that they make juice out of them in Hawaii! They were so exotic looking, but I picked one to press in my notebook and was worried they were poisonous, haha!

IMG_3348 IMG_3346

After seeing the church, I had an AMAZING lunch.

I went to Birreria Lowen and they had a million types of Bruschetta. Here in Italy, Bruschetta is like our version of those French bread pizzas. It’s thick toast, topped with different sauces and vegetables and meats. In the U.S. most people think that Bruschetta is thin, crunchy toast with cold tomatoes, but here (perhaps just in northern Italy) it’s like thick crust pizza.

I ordered a Bruschetta Monaco: pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, mixed roasted veggies, and spicy salami. Here in Italy they don’t have pepperoni (that’s an America invention), but spicy salami is basically the same.

I also tried Grappa for the first time, which was really tasty, but SO strong. Now, I drink a lot of wine, not so much beer, and very little liquor, but I’ve had Everclear and moonshine. This stuff was crazy. It made my lips, tongue and roof of my mouth numb! I was worried I was like allergic or something, but once I Googled it and saw everyone writing about having a numb mouth after drinking it. 😛

I was tasty and very unique!

IMG_3400 IMG_3397 IMG_3410 IMG_3405 IMG_3404 IMG_3394

After having the Grappa, I walked down to the riverside and took some pictures and footage, before walking back to my room. I walked around the city walls and back towards the piazza where my room is.

IMG_3419 IMG_3343  DSC03135

I came back to my room and took a nap and stuff, and went back out about 10. I wanted to go out late so that I could go back down to the river to watch the meter shower that was supposed to happen tonight.

I went back to the same birreria and had the same bruschetta and a beer and then started to walk back across the bridge and heard some good music so I went into the bar and a band was covering Italian blues standards.

IMG_3548 IMG_3499 IMG_3491 IMG_3334

I’ll definitely go back tomorrow because I saw posters for this all over the city today and realized it’s at the bar I was at tonight, so that will be fun!

It was so fun and interesting because there were all ages of people and they were having a ball listening to classic American music! I took a lot of video and drank A LOT of beer.

After that I was too tired to go see the meteor shower, so I just came back to my room and showered and chilled.

Today was fun, although uneventful. Tomorrow I will go to museums and walk around more.

Talk to y’all then!

P.S. Here’s some penis pasta!