Italia in 40: Day 16…St. Mark, Indian Food and New Friends

Today was very busy day!

I met up with my friends again this morning.

A of my former colleagues/classmates are here on a study abroad trip, so I met up with them today.

I woke up early and walked to their hotel and we all walked to St. Mark’s.

Although I’ve been to Venice twice, I don’t remember ever going into St. Mark’s. I have been into the Doge’s Palace, but I know one time I was in Venice they were filming The Tourist and the other time I think it closed early or something was going on because I definitely don’t remember ever seeing what I saw today.

It was insane. The mosaics were beautiful and it was gold, gold, gold! I am not sure what type of ticket, if any, you need to get in, but I showed my Venezia Unica card and they let me in.

DSC03235 DSC03237 DSC03250 DSC03245 DSC03243 DSC03241 DSC03250 DSC03251 IMG_3979 IMG_3986 IMG_3988DSC03243

HEADS UP: If you have a backpack you have to check it at a place down an alley away from the main door and they do not tell you until you get to the front of the line. So, go check your bag and THEN get in line so you don’t waste your time and have to wait twice.

After St. Mark’s we tried to walk to another church (San Zaccaria) and it was closed, so we went to another museum at the Mocenigo Palazzo.

IMG_4008 IMG_3997

It was really neat to see the former home of an oligarchical family of Venice. I think they said that this family had 7 Doges! One of the students on the trip gave a report about the palazzo and the significance of costumes and perfume to the nobility of Venice.

They had essential oils and different spices that make perfumes that you could smell, as well as clothes and furniture from the time period. Again, it is free to enter with the Venezia Unica card, but you can get a reduced rate for entry if you are under 25 (as usual).


After Palazzo Mocenigo, we went to another church. We walked around Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (again, quick entry with Venezia Unica) and looked around. There was a Donatello sculpture and lots of other beautiful art.

Right after that we walked across the street and got drinks and talked about movies and reality TV and just had fun. It was nice to meet all of the other people on the trip and talk to them. I haven’t had a conversation with anyone about my travel or anything for 15 days, so it was nice to be able to talk to people and laugh. After the drinks the group split up. Me and a few friends went to an Indian restaurant called Ganesh Ji. I’ve only ever eaten at an Indian restaurant once in Tulsa, but I often get the microwave Indian meals at the store. It was SO delicious. I got a chickpea dish and loved it. I have horrible indigestion though, haha! They had some spicy chutney with okra in it, that was amazing, as well as some cracker-like things that were good too.


After dinner they went back to their room and I to mine.

On our way back to our respective hotels, before we split up, we saw the most GIGANTIC rat! It was so gross and freaky. I’ve seen mice from a distance, but have never seen a rat up close. UGH!


I got back to my hotel and my room had been cleaned, so I just took a shower and am about to pass out! Tomorrow, I might meet them, but I don’t know. If I go with them, I will go to Burano on Thursday instead!

It was nice getting to meet new people and make new friends!

Since I was hanging out with friends today, I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but I have a few! My WiFi is being ridiculous tonight so I will add those to the blog tomorrow!

DSC03271 DSC03264 DSC03262 DSC03256 IMG_4041 IMG_4050 IMG_4046