Italia in 40: Days 24 and 25…Prostitutes, Roman Ruins, Daddy Yankee and Buffalo Wings!

Yesterday was polar opposite day.

We woke up and drove to Capua in search of an ancient amphitheater there! We tried to use the TomTom, but it didn’t work so we drove around Capua for a couple of hours and finally stopped at a gas station and asked some construction workers for help. My friend and I were able to get the gas station attendant to help us find the correct coordinates. They didn’t even know what we were talking about and had to show them online and they still didn’t even realize there were Roman ruins literally 10 minutes from them! I can’t imagine having access to all of this history and not even knowing that it exists.

The ruins are about 15 to 20 minutes from the base, so it’s a great place to visit if you are north of Naples!

There are several sites with Roman ruins in Capua. This amphitheater was home to Spartacus and it is insane. You can walk all around it and go underneath and it’s basically deserted. There was one man walking around making sure no one climbed up it, but other than that you literally have free reign (and if you really wanted to and were a d-bag, I’m sure you could make it happen). I would MUCH rather go to this amphitheater than to the Colosseum in Rome. It was so nice and kind of sad that they don’t guard it and keep it up as well as they could, but there was a nice, brand new, cafe on the grounds, as well as a museum and a guidebook of all of the sites in the city you could visit with your ticket.

It was so cool to go under it because although I’ve been to the Colosseum three times, I’ve never been down to the very bottom so it was awesome to see all of the construction!

If you like ancient history, you definitely need to visit Naples (who’d of thunk it?!)! As I’ve said a million times, I never really liked ancient history, but seeing these ruins has really intrigued me!

I have NEVER seen so many prostitutes in my life as I did on that drive from the base to Capua. OMG! They just sit on the side of the road on a bucket, maybe with an umbrella, and wait for clients. They even flash male drivers sometimes! I have seen prostitutes in Hawaii, but damn, these girls GET IT! It’s insane how it’s just so out there. I will try to take pictures before I leave on Tuesday, but no promises, hahaha!

After walking around the ruins, we drove back to the base and I got a day pass so that I could go to the NEX with my friend. We got a coffee and she returned some shoes before we went back to her her house.

I took a nap and then started getting ready for the concert. I didn’t really have anything glamorous to wear or any kind of  “club wear” because I’m on this backpacking trip, so I felt out of place, but I wore a black top and jeans with flats. I also don’t have a straightener and the concert was by the sea, so I’m sure you know that I looked FABULOUS! Vodka definitely helped me not feel rachet (or not pay attention to my rachetness) 😛 Everyone looked so gorgeous and hype. We paid a man 5 Euros to park and he was a dick to us so we kind of got smart with him, but we got to park really close to the venue.

We were in the VIP section so we got bottle service and had couches to sit on, in front of the crowd. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to see all of these young people partying and going wild. People were smoking and dancing and just going wild. After the concert, DJs came out and started a set and the party just got more crazy. I would love to be able to party like that in Europe, if I wasn’t traveling alone; maybe one day!

Of course, when we left the venue, what did we discover? My friend’s car had been broken into. Nothing was stolen, but I did leave my sunglasses in the door and they were gone (thank God I only paid $12 on for them…if you’ve never used that site, I highly recommend it). Also, it was such a stroke of luck that while we were all at the concert my friend’s husband showed up because he’s a DJ in Naples and his crew was at the show.  We yelled at the guy we paid to park and I think he freaked out when he saw my friend’s husband and his posse come to the car to confront him because when we parked it was just 6 American girls. Her husband drove us and we got back to the base around 2:45 in the morning.

Today, we were a little hungover so we just hung out at my friend’s house and then tonight we went back on to the base to the guest house. There is a restaurant there that serves American food (obviously) and I got some buffalo wings and a German beer. Buffalo wings are one of my absolute favorite foods and I usually eat them once a week when I am in the U.S., so that’s the thing I’ve missed most during this trip. I am so happy I got to satiate my craving! We got dinner and drinks for four (all meals included meat) for $36! My wings were 6 bucks for 6 wings though, but I genuinely could NOT care less. It was delicious!

After dinner I packed for my day trip to Capri tomorrow and uploaded all of my pictures.

Tomorrow, I am going to Capri alone and going to try to go to this beach I’ve wanted to go to since I was in 11th grade!

SN: I just had a major heart attack. It’s almost 11 p.m. and I am sitting in my room and heard 6-7 loud, random booms. I thought for a FACT there was a drive-by happening (I was on the phone and even told the person I was talking to to be quiet because I thought a shooting was occurring). I texted my friend immediately and heard her laugh all the way in her bedroom. She messaged me back and said it was fireworks from the local church to celebrate a certain saint’s day…#italyproblems

Read on tomorrow, folks!

FYI: I have been taking LOTS of pictures, but the WordPress picture uploader is really horrible. I’ve been trying for almost a week, with various WiFi speeds and networks, and it takes 10 minutes to upload one picture. I will keep trying, but for now, keep a lookout on my Facebook page and Instagram and I will try to upload my pictures to there!