Italia in 40: Day 37…Vatican City, a Stolen Knife, and Craft Beer!

It was clear this morning, but clouded up again around noon, unfortunately. I made it down to Vatican City right after the first round and right before the second round of storms.

I, once again, forgot I had a knife in my purse so I stashed it behind a water fountain and got in line for the x-ray machines and metal detectors. I went to the Vatican souvenir shop, book shop, into the Basilica, and to the post office.

I bought stamps for all of the postcards I was going to send (13) and it cost 28 Euros. Stamps to the U.S. are 2 Euros each O__0. After buying some souvenirs, browsing books (there were so many I wanted to buy: the catechism, a Bible, and a Latin dictionary, but they were 30 Euros each, so I had to skip them), and mailing my post cards, I went into the Basilica and took some pictures. I didn’t stay too long because it was SO crowded and it started raining again. I went to another souvenir shop outside of St. Peter’s Square and then went back to get my knife. I found the water fountain and made sure no one was looking, bent down to grab it and it was gone :(…I am hoping that the police or Vatican security saw me drop it and took it, but I bet it was just some rando…Which sucks because that knife has come in handy during this trip! I just used it yesterday morning to open my UHT milk…and now if I get kidnapped I can’t go out BAMF style and save myself…

After losing my knife, I made my way back to the subway.

IMG_5478 DSC05139 DSC05142 DSC05145 DSC05147 DSC05151 DSC05153 DSC05169 DSC05175 IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5480 DSC05127 DSC05134

I got on the subway around 7 and it was SO crowded. I seriously can’t even describe it. It was like a sardine can. I got some good pictures of passengers though…there was a nun going through the rosary and a couple going HAM on each other…it was interesting to watch everyone.

I went one stop past my building and got off so that I could go back to the bar I visited with my friend on Friday, Blind Pig. I ended up stopping at Gran Cafe Alberone on the corner of Via Gino Capponi and Via Appia Nuova to have a spritz and watch people. I got an Aperol spritz, which is a bitter orange mixer with sparkling wine or prosecco added. I sat at a table and they gave me two types of chips, salsa, and my drink for 6 Euros. I talked to an old man and watched people for about an hour, before walking down to the Blind Pig. I walked past and it was empty, so I decided to walk around the neighborhood and take pictures for a while. After taking pictures I stopped at another bar and ordered another spritz, but they didn’t understand what I was saying, I guess, because they gave me an espresso. I drank it and then went back to Blind Pig. I got two pints of Apollo beer and some lemon pepper fries for only 14 Euros (I ordered a hot-dog, but they were out of them apparently) and they were playing Johnny Cash, so I took some more pictures and just sat outside for a bit. I don’t know if they were really out of hot-dogs or just really didn’t want to make them because once again I ordered in Italian to try and practice, but then homeboy waiter thought I was fluent and started talking to me rapidly, in complex sentences, so I just said “ok” and ordered my fries…

IMG_5536 IMG_5532 IMG_5512 IMG_5519 IMG_5509

I left around 9 to go back to my place to watch Mexico v Brazil.

I saw a sign for a Korean restaurant today, so I hope to go try it tomorrow or Friday since it’s right near Termini station.