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What’d I tell ya? I absolutely suck at maintaining a blogging schedule. Needless to say, I was completely overwhelmed at the end of last semester so I didn’t blog at all.

I had a major leak in my kitchen, my air-mattress developed a leak, I found mice in my kitchen, had to write 50 pages, had to pack for my trip home for Christmas, and then I got the flu (despite getting the vaccine back in October)-all within 3 weeks. This was my first time living on my own and being a full-time student and it was really challenging. I realize that’s pretty shitty and privileged, considering I’m now 26 years old, but either way, being a student, working, and living by myself took a little getting used to and there were some major growing pains around finals time. I’ve figured it all out and still managed to get good grades, but I definitely have a new found appreciation for people that work/parent, live alone, and go to school!

I didn’t have issues going to work, paying my bills, or doing my school work, but never having a moment when something didn’t have to be done was a new thing for me. At least for me, now that I’m living on my own, I never have any time when I’m not worried about something or something has to be taken care of. I have no real “free” time. Even if I am not immediately occupied with a task, I have to think about what tasks need to be completed and how I’m going to pay for them-24/7. If it’s not work and a bus running late, it’s laundry and cleaning, or school work and preparing for class or final papers. There’s always something coming, there’s never a moment to relax.

Getting the flu really didn’t help either! >_<


Even when I lived at home I obviously cleaned for myself, worked, and went to school, but I didn't have to worry about my rent check getting to the office on time, or making time for an exterminator to come. If I was hungry I could find a good meal for $7 and just drive to a fast-food place or the grocery store at any hour…

The hardest things about living in NYC have been the sheer nastiness and not having a car. I love everything else about the city, but it's really dirty and I don't like not being able to drive to the grocery store or to get something to eat whenever I want to. I have to go to the grocery story several times a week because I can only buy as much as I can carry. I know that is common in many places in the world, but it's weird for me after living .5 miles from a grocery story for 4 years and having my own car for almost 10 years. You have more options in the city, but I feel like you are less free because you are SO dependent on so many people.

Anyway, I had several New Years resolutions last year and while I didn’t accomplish all of them, I feel like I was pretty successful.

I did lose several pounds (before coming home for Christmas and eating my weight in Mexican food)
I did read A LOT (although, no books cover-to-cover)
I did go to Italy
I did take a trip with a friend to San Antonio and New York this summer
I did cut way back on gossiping (since I don’t know anyone in NYC)
I did cook a lot
I did post a few videos on Youtube


I didn’t ever make time to volunteer, didn’t make any progress on my student debt, and I have yet to go to Mass in NYC, but I am carrying those resolutions over to 2015! I don’t really have any new resolutions this year, but I do hope to make more friends in NYC, be more patient, and get into a PhD program!

What are your resolutions for 2015? Did you succeed with your resolutions for 2014?

I do have a new hobby: Geocaching! I purchased the app two years ago and never used it but decided to try it out while I am back in Texas for the holidays. If you’ve never done it, you should check it out. It’s a global scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates! If you are interested in following me look me up @thatgingeranna! I am addicted and will be writing a post about it soon!




I’m registered for classes next semester and will be taking a Latin American history class, a class comparing Nazism and Fascism, and a required course about 20th century American culture!

I absolutely loved my classes this semester. I learned so much and they really challenged the way I think about things. I think one of the most valuable things I learned is that you can’t judge all things based on the same standard of success. There isn’t one way to succeed, whether you are discussing people, political systems, nations, or anything else. If you compare two different things and judge them based on a singular view of success then one will always come up short, but if you judge each system based on a unique definition of success, then you will see that everything is successful in its own way.

I will be in Texas for a couple more weeks, so my next few blogs will chronicle my Geocaching adventures, food, and a few little adventures. While it will be crazy-cold when I get back to NYC I have a few ideas of places to go and things to see before the Spring. My schedule should be a little less wonky than last semester and now that I have this whole living on my own thing down, I hope to blog a little more!

I have a friend that posts a prompt every week for bloggers and I hope to begin responding to that as well!

What would you guys like to read about? Do you have anything (cheap) in New York that you’d like me to check out and report on? Do you need advice or want my opinion on anything?

I hope you all have a great 2015, and I hope to post some entertaining stuff soon! 🙂