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Write or Die Wednesdays

This week’s prompt asked about daily routine and what a typical day would look like in my life.

I’m going to write about my Tuesdays because those are the days that I have work and school, so they are a little more eventful!

Mondays I only have school and Wednesday-Friday I only have work, so this routine is cut in half.

On Tuesdays I wake up around 7 (well, my alarm goes off at 7 and I usually snooze it for an hour…)

I get up and put on my clothes…I’m a fiend for sleep, so I always lay out my outfits the night before…and then I do my make up, organize my school work, and make sure my purse is packed for the day!

I print assignments that are due and make sure I have all my reading materials to discuss in class.

I walk down to the subway and head into the city for class. This semester I have a Nazism and Fascism course on Tuesdays!

Once I get downtown, I usually have to speed walk to make it to the building where my class is located because it never fails that i get on a delayed train. 

Lectures are my favorite time of the week because I love learning new things and having interaction with my peers!

I live alone, about an hour from the school and I work with a senior citizen, so my 6ish hours in class a week is the only time I have to interact with people my own age or have conversations about my life.

After a few hours in lecture, I take two more trains back uptown to the Bronx, where I transfer to a bus and head to work. That commute is around an hour and a half so I have plenty of time to people watch and read!

After the bus ride, I have a short walk and then I pick up the lady I work for.

We walk back to her house where we converse, listen to music, and I get some school work done.

When her husband arrives home, I walk back to the bus and start my hour and a half ride home. 

That ride is normally spent making phone calls and trying to make sure I don’t miss my stop. 

Until I moved to NYC I had never ridden a bus, so I am always so paranoid I am going to get off at the wrong place. This is probably my least favorite part of the day because the bus is always dirty, loud, and smelly!

I walk from the bus to my apartment. If I think I need any snacks or wine I will stop at the liquor store or bodega that is located between the stop and my door.

I usually get back home around 7:30.

I immediately shower and take off my make up, lay out my clothes for the next day, clean out my purse, and get together any assignments I may have.

I usually cook dinner (I don’t have a microwave, so I usually make pasta and other simple stuff or have cold snacks like cheese and crackers or other antipasti) and have a glass or two of wine.

I am thoroughly addicted to Netflix, so I will usually pick a new documentary or foreign film and lay down. While I watch, I sort through my assignments, check my social networks, do some reading, text/call friends, write, and do any cleaning that needs to be done. I am a neat-freak, so this usally means dishes, vaccuming, disinfecting counters, filling up all my water bottles, and anything else that can’t wait for the weekend. 

I am a night owl and Wednesdays I don’t work until 3, so I usually stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning and sleep until noon!

Weekends are reserved for homework, which usually means writing papers and reading, lots and lots of reading (graciously interspersed with wine and Netflix). I do laundry, other cleaning, look up the forecast for the coming week, and try to get an idea of what clothes I’ll wear. Grocery shopping happens every 2 to 3 weeks. I might order takeout, write, do some crafts, or practice Spanish or Italian.

Once it gets warmer I hope to explore the city on the weekends, so that’ll break things up a bit!

Last week’s WODW prompt was a picture


 to inspire fictional writing. I sat down three times and could never think of anyting clever enough to post.

I came up with a list of words: travel, observation, privacy, isolation, watching, glass, beauty, safety, illusion, separation…I really wanted to write a poem, but I really didn’t know where to start! I haven’t written fiction since high school, so I definitly have a new challenge to work on before the next fiction prompt!


So, what is your routine like? Do you have a typical schedule or are your days often surprising and spontaneous?