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Forgive my tardiness. My mom is coming to visit for the Easter weekend and I put off all my cleaning until the last minute. I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the last 3 hours dusting, vacuuming, Swiffering, mopping, doing dishes, bleaching,Windexing, burning candles, doing laundry, taking out garbage, and other such nonsense. 

I pride myself on keeping a clean house, but there is nothing like an impending visit from your mom to help you see all the little things that need to be done.

My mom get’s here tomorrow at 2:55, but I have to be to work at 3 so she is going to meet me at my boss’ house and hangout with me there until I get off. I only work a couple of hours tomorrow, so hopefully we will get home early, make dinner, have some wine, and watch a movie or something. Friday we are going downtown, then Saturday I am taking her to Little Italy and the New York Botanical Garden for an orchid show, all here in the Bronx! I don’t know what we are doing Sunday yet. A friend invited me to go to church with her, but I will have to see what my mom wants to do.

Anyway…this week’s Write or Die Wednesday prompt asks what your biggest vice is or which of the seven deadly sins you commit most often?

Write or Die Wednesday

This is quite fitting for Easter, haha!

There are seven deadly sins: greed, envy, lust, sloth, wrath, pride, and gluttony.

I’m Catholic and part of being Catholic is examining one’s conscience on a regular basis, before going to confession or on a regular basis to keep one’s self in check!

Despite daily efforts to avoid doing sinful stuff, I could probably list twenty ways I commit each of these sins regularly. That being said, I definitly think I commit the sin of sloth most often!


I LOVE to sleep and watch movies, so that often leads to avoiding my responsibilities. I obviously work and maintain good grades, so it hasn’t necessarily impacted my life negatively, but it is definitely a severely bad habit that I possess. I can use almost anything to justify not leaving the house, even if I am initially really excited about doing something. My laziness means I don’t exercise the way I should, I don’t devote enough undivided attention to completeing assignments to the best of my ability (again, while still maintaining my grades), and I definitely don’t “take life by the horns” as much as I should. I am also spiritually lazy. I am Catholic, but I always seem to come up with excuses for not going to confession or praying the Rosary. I do pay attention to my faith and use it as a tool to become a better person, but sloth has contributed to not growing my faith to its full potential. 

Netflix, sleep, foreign languages, and wine are definitely my biggest enablers. I so thoroughly enjoy each of those things that I would rather partake in them than pretty much anything. I also LOVE hiking, shopping, fishing, swimming in the ocean, and traveling, but since I am living on a budget and can’t really safely do the others alone, I stick to my ol’ sloth-making activities. 

I’m sure anxiety and self esteem contribute to my laziness, since it is so much easier to avoid fear, confrontation, and other awkwardness when you just stay home. 

Gluttony would probably be my next biggest sin. I am definitely a hedonist at heart and I have a difficult time with self-discipline when it comes to certain things (like movies, goat cheese, and wine, HAHA!).  

One of the prayers that Catholic’s say at every Mass includes the line, “I have sinned in what I have done and what I have failed to do…” I remember the first time I heard this it kind of stunned me. I still think of sin as active choices we make to do bad stuff, but I never thought about the fact that you can also commit a sin by NOT doing something too. That’s still one of the big areas I have to work on, haha!

Texas Missions 

I’d say the sins I commit least often are wrath, pride, and envy.

I obviously get mad at people and sometimes want to smack them into next week, but I am not a vengeful, plotting, back stabbing type of person. I get my feelings hurt and take things personally more often than getting angry or wanting to get back at people. I’m also not a very prideful person. More often than not I assume that I did something to cause any negative events or behaviors and will often try to remedy the situation and apologize.   I admire a LOT of people and often do feel like other people are leading really fun and carefree lives, so I do feel envy in certain senses, but never in the way that I want to take what someone else has or live their life. I am thoroughly convinced everyone has their own problems and they have developed ways to cope with them. I know if I had the chance to inhabit someone else’s life or they had the chance to inhabit mine, we would each be unequipped  to deal with each other’s hardships. 

 Texas Missions 

Whether you are religious or not, we all do/think about doing crappy things everyday. I think as long as you are consistently working to make a positive contribution to the world (not matter what it is), correct your mistakes, and try to make others’ lives a little easier, then everything will all work out in the end. With this outlook you don’t even have to believe in/worry about heaven, hell, God, the devil, or sin (if you don’t want/need to) because the focus is on the now and doing the best you can in the present moment to make your life and the lives of those around you better. It’s a pretty awesome philosophy (check out A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle if you are interested)!

 Texas Missions 

Hopefully I will post a blog on Saturday or Sunday with some pictures from Little Italy and the New York Botanical Garden. I hope everyone has a good Passover/Easter or just a great weekend in general!

Talk to you guys next time!