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So, what’s up you crazy kids? I am going to kick off the summer series today. Before we get to my touristy touring tour of NYC last weekend, I am going to explain why I didn’t write about anything in the past week. I had a minor catastrophe, which lead to a major meltdown last weekend. I wrote a 20+ page seminar paper for a class and after turning it in a few weeks ago, the professor returned it to me to complete final edits. The edited paper was due on the 23rd at three. Of course, I procrastinated, but I left enough time at the end to complete everything-if everything went according to plan. My mom was coming into town on the 20th and my friend was coming into town the afternoon of the 21st, so I planned to finish the edits between the 17th and the 20th and tweak it, before turning it in on Friday when I went downtown. Does anything ever go according to plan at the end of the semester? That would be no. Last semester I got the flu for the first time in like 5 years (even after being vaccinated), days before 3 final papers were due. SN: I use an iPad because my Sony laptop is too big/heavy/slow to carry around everywhere. This semester, coffee spilled on my iPad and completely fried on Wednesday…so that meant I had less than 72 hours to get this paper reedited. At first, I was in denial and tried to revive it, but by Thursday night I realized it wasn’t coming back. I pulled an all-nighter on Friday and completed all the edits, but all the additional research I’d done was gone.

Alas, I got a B+ on the paper and a B+ in the class. It was my first B since an undergrad Geology class in 2010, so I had an ugly crying wine fest. I am paying so much money and living in less than ideal conditions so that I can get this degree, so the fact that my efforts were obviously subpar and I screwed up a large number of chances I’m going to have for getting into a PhD program sent me into melt down mode.  I’ve constantly been told that a B is a D in grad school and considering I’ve never gotten anything below a B, I’m reallyyy embarrassed and upset about it. Oh well though, nothing I can do about it now. I was planning on using this paper as my Master’s essay since it was the first time I’ve done primary source research, but I had to receive an A- or better, which I did not do, so now I have to figure out what other paper I am going to use. It looks as though I need to spend some serious time this summer trying to find plan Bs and getting job application stuff ready for the winter.

SO, ANYWAY! Enough of my melodramatic BS. My friend arrived Thursday afternoon and I kicked off #40for40NYC This first entry will be broken up into a few posts because it includes: the Waldorf Astoria, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Central Park, Stone Street+Battery Park, Times Square, Grand Central Station, and Coney Island.

Thursday night, we took the train downtown and met my mom at the Waldorf Astoria

My mom was staying there for business, so we met to have a drink and then go to dinner! We stopped at the Peacock Alley Bar in the lobby of the WA and each had a drink.

 My mom got red wine, but my friend and I got a cocktail. I got the Globetrotter, which was heavy on the rum, but definitely got the job done. 

My friend got a champagne strawberry cocktail, which was really good. So, here’s the deal: I do suggest checking out the WA because it is a historical location in NYC. Everyone that was everyone back in the day stayed there. A Chinese company recently purchased it, so I don’t know how it will change in the future and you should definitely check it out if you can. Keep in mind it’s a luxury hotel, so staying there is out of my reach. I have stayed there one night in 2012 when I rented a room for an ex’s birthday weekend and it’s definitely nice to be able to say you’ve stayed.  That being said, the bar in the hotel charges around $20 for cocktails, so to keep this under the $40 budget, I suggest heading there to have a look around the lobby (there are many exhibits showing artifacts and notable guests), having a drink, and watching people. They also provide individual, complementary bar snacks! You’ll spend $5.50 on roundtrip subway fare and then get a cocktail for around $20. 

It’d be a fun Friday or Saturday night date, watching rich people and ladys of the night in the lobby. My friend and I saw what we thoughttt was a working girl out front when we were going in. An hour and a half later when we were leaving it was confirmed that she was definitely a lady of the night when we heard her soliciting a John and saw her grab a vile of coke from another lady of the night. So, yeah, people watching in a historic location for around $25+free snacks…pretty sweet deal!