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Yeah, it was “king” but whatever 😝


This week’s prompt asks us to recount a time when we were on top of the world!

Two things came to mind: hiking the Haiku Stairs in Hawaii as a kid (physically on top of the world) and a recent blog I read from last year.


A week ago (thanks to that freakin’ Facebook flashback-which I both love and hate) I read a blog from my trip to Italy. I had experienced the definition of my perfect day, but I had forgotten about it until Facebook reminded me. I reread the blog and it made me excited all over again, but also sad that that day was so phenomenal and so great and I had already forgotten about it. I really was on top of the world. It was one of my many fantasies come to life and that does not happen often. Nevertheless, I started thinking and I am on top of the world anytime I have a good moment.


I am high maintenance in some ways (I hate gross smelling places, I hate rude people, I hate public embarrassment, I like organization, etc.) but being happy is not one of them. I am happy sitting at home watching Netflix all day, happy going to see/experience new stuff, happy going to work and handling things correctly, happy watching a good YouTube video, happy going fishing, happy when nothing bad happens. I try to act chill and I do like doing chill things, but I am a very passionate person. This means I can get really mad and sad sometimes, but it also means simple stuff can make me really happy and make me feel on top of the world. I get overly excited about stuff and nerd out pretty hard. I really, really love many things: wine, I Love Lucy, hiking, snorkeling, clothes, books, cheese, chick flicks, farms, cows, accents, languages, movies, music, other cultures, food, etc. So anytime I get to do anything involving things I love, I feel on top of the world.


That’s a a bubble of cheese, with potato in it…aka Heaven…aka Frico

Today, I went to the library and checked out a compilation of Walt Whitman poems. I opened it and saw that one of the poems in Leaves of Grass is titled “To a Historian” and I got a little giddy since I study history. (I also nerded out because Noah reads Whitman to Allie in The Notebook and on her first day at Sarah Lawrence her professor writes out Leaves of Grass on the board and my boss’ son works for that university…this is why I have no friends LOL) Anyway, this is just an example of the kinds of things that can make me feel on top of the world—even if it is for a short period.


The last time I was on top of the world for more than a few minutes was Monday! I slept in, cleaned my apartment, talked to friends, cooked, did dishes, washed and did my hair, laid out my clothes for tomorrow, did my nails, worked out, had a glass of wine, watched Gossip Girl and The Bachelorette and I started a new free online class about film noir. I accomplished all of my goals, got to rest, got to learn something new, and got to prepare for the week without any anxiety or looming deadlines. It was a chill day, but I was motivated and accomplished things, so I was really happy and relaxed. It is summer break!

SN: If you like classic movies or films noir, I encourage you to check out that free class. It takes like 5 minutes a day to participate. TCM and Ball State University organized it and it lasts 5 weeks. The professor provides a short clip and introduction to a film every Monday through Thursday for the next 5 weeks and on Fridays TCM airs each film in its entirety. You chat with classmates and other viewers via Twitter (#NoirSummer) and the TCM message boards. If you want to participate fully in the class, you can take a few quizzes and a final assessment and you get a certificate! Definitely something fun and free that gives you an introduction to film history/analysis!


I could obviously spend two paragraphs describing some fantasy day on the beach with a man drinking, listening to music and eating good food. Or walking around Rome and going back to an apartment to watch old movies and smoke cigars, but through many disappointments I’ve learned that if your fantasies are the only things that put you on top of the world, you’re going to be miserable for a big part of your life-which kind of sucks. I am not going to lie and say my expectations never get in the way of being on top of the world. I am a normal female being and I do create ideal situations in my head that I wish would happen and usually don’t, which leads to anger and annoyance, but I do work hard all the time to try and be happy in everyday situations (like getting a Whitman book from the library).

That being said, situations like in my blog from Italy, when I am traveling and meeting new people and doing exciting things, put me on top of the world for a much more prolonged period of time than checking out a book-obviously.


When was the last time you were on top of the world? Hopefully it was more exciting than cleaning and watching TV, haha! Well, I guess the better question would be how often are you on top of the world?