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So, my #40for40NYC series isn’t the only blogging I’ve been slacking on. I have FAILED miserably at trying to write fiction. Even though WODW is now bimonthly, two weeks has not been enough time to make something spring to mind that I am confident enough in to publish. So, I am making sure to respond to this week’s prompt, finally!

So, let’s get down to it. The last WOWD prompt I responded to asked when was the last time I was on top of the world…now, for the flip side of the coin.

I’ll be 100% honest and say that a lot of stuff makes me uncomfortable, but 90% of it is mental/emotional discomfort. Dirty stuff naturally makes me cringe and sometimes dry heave and that would be the biggest physical discomfort I have, other than being claustrophobic. I’m not scared of elevators or stuff like that, but like being pinned under sheets/blankets or just knowing that I can’t freely move my limbs makes me insane, LOL. Winter is torturous sometimes because the confining clothing bugs the crap outta me.

Now for the mental/emotional discomfort. The biggest thing is absolutely public and secondhand embarrassment…and it’s not hard to embarrass me in public. I hate being the center of attention in any place where people don’t know me personally, so being embarrassed or humiliated by someone in public makes me super uncomfortable because I hate to think of people passing judgement on me for something outside of my control. That seems super serious, but I mean, I don’t like any kind of unneccessary attention in public. 

One of my big no-nos is having restaurant employees sing to me on my birthday. It is legit one of my biggest fears. The thought of people having to stop their meals and conversations to listen and look at anything to do with me just makes me squirm…which is pretty weird, but whatever, haha! Speaking to groups makes me uncomfortable too. I don’t want to say anything wrong or dumb or sound ridiculous, so I get nervous which in turn makes me sound ridiculous because my breathing and heart rate get all screwed up. As for secondhand embarrassment, I feel bad when people do foolish stuff and I have the urge to just make them stop or divert attention away from them (even though I hate attention myself) to help them.  

I also get pretty uncomfortable when professors or other people in authority talk down to or try to humiliate people below them in front of others. That sort of stuff makes me more angry than uncomfortable though. 

I feel like this response was a little short, but I don’t feel like I am too easily bothered…as long as I can be in a clean environment where people ignore me, LOL! 😛

A few other things that often create uncomfortable situations for me include: picky eaters, people that get irrationally angry in public, elitists, people that are rude to service industry employees, people that have an inflated self image, people that can’t be wrong…well, basically, crappy people and their crappy behavior often makes me uncomfortable! 

What makes you uncomfortable? Do things often make you more physcially or mentally uncomfortable?