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It’s that time again, folks! LENT! I don’t have some long complicated thing to post this year, but I do have a reflection on something a friend posted on Facebook the other day. I have always thought of sacrifice as something you give up. Maybe it’s getting up early to exercise or not eating something you want or biting your tongue or giving away your money to a cause, but a friend posted last week that you can also sacrifice by adding a habit! Last year I added and stopped something at Lent, but I thought of it more as balancing out and trying to start a new habit, I didn’t realize that they were both sacrifices. So, this year I am going to add and remove some things.

I am going to add prayer/meditation and exercise.

I have seen a few 30 day exercise challenges and I am going to combine several and try to exercise at least half an hour a day. I am a little “soft” for my age and I could definitely be in better shape, so I am going to try to build some muscle and firm up.

I am also going to pray/meditate every day. I am super bad about praying regularly. It’s SO weird because I used to pray allll the time when I was young, but I really don’t anymore. I mean, I often talk to God throughout the day, but I don’t set aside time to meditate/pray without distractions. So, I’m going to do that.

As for giving up stuff, the past two years I’ve given up meat and Facebook and was successful both times.

This year I reallllly don’t know what I am going to give up. I mean, most of my bad habits have to do with not doing stuff (not going to bed early, not waking up early, not being sociable, etc.) so that’s why I’m adding two things. But all things considered, I think I am going to attempt to give up alcohol. Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to be able to not have any alcohol for 40 days because my job is very emotionally taxing and tests my patience (if you don’t remember, I take care of a lady with Alzheimer’s everyday while her husband is at work) and I don’t really have anything else to do as a stress release. I can’t afford a gym membership and the area I live in/weather right now isn’t hospitable for going out alone to exercise after work. Hopefully the meditation/prayer will be a good tool to help with tension and anxiety. I don’t drink every day, but my plan if I end up drinking with friends or slip up on my own is to compensate by giving up internet. If I drink one day, that will mean I cannot use internet for 24 hours and vise versa. The internet and wine are my two regular pleasures, so sacrificing one of those things everyday will definitely be difficult. This also means if I drink wine the only activities I can do will be exercise/reading/writing/watching DVDs. I use my phone as a security blanket/emotion buffer EVERYDAY, so having to give up the internet (switching to airplane mode) for a day will be huge for me.

Anyway, do you plan on giving anything up/adding anything to your routine over the next 40 days?

If so, good luck and tell me in the comments below!