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How is everyone’s 2018 going? Mine is going pretty well so far. I didn’t realize until talking with a friend on Friday night that I haven’t made any resolutions for the year. I jotted a few down on my phone on the 2nd but never made them public or fully developed them.

I accomplished several of my resolutions from last year. This year I only have a few:

Use my phone less. I have turned off all of my notifications which has helped a ton but I’m still really bad about using my phone as a security blanket when I either don’t want to or don’t know how to interact with people. It’s a really bad habit because it’s distracting and takes me out of the present moment.

Exercise more. This is always a given but I’d really like to do it. I walk 40 minutes a day on my journey to and from work, but once it warms up I’d really like to start running and hiking more often.

Read+Write more. Last year one of my goals was to engage in a creative endeavor and failed quite miserably. I have a few episodes of a podcast written out and a few topics I’d like to write about. I also began reading more last year and was able to read some Camus, Jack London, and a few others. I’ve already started another Camus book (The First Man) and have a few others lined up so I’m on the right track. I would really like to get back in to going to see films as well.

Finally, I hope to explore the city more. I take living in NYC for granted and only spend my time in Riverdale and Washington Heights. I really need to get out to Brooklyn, Queens, and lower Manhattan. Again, when it warms up a bit.

This is a short post because I have something a little more philosophical to talk about in my next post.

Do you set resolutions? What would you like to accomplish in 2018?